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  • Moving House? We have all the boxes you need

    Whether you are moving a studio flat or a 10-bedroom house, get high quality boxes suitable for your exact needs with fast, low-cost shipping direct to you.

  • Why Choose Our Boxes?

    We rescue quality boxes that may have ended up in landfill or recycling. By doing this we are able to offer a huge range of stock at extremely low cost, and help reduce the impact on the environment.

  • Need a regular supply of boxes?

    If you are starting a business, or have a growing business that needs boxes, let us know. We have 25 years experience in the cardboard box business, partnering with companies like yours.

Popular Boxes

1-2 Bedroom House Moving Boxes Pack. Tape & Wrapping Paper Included.


2-3 Bedroom House Moving Pack


3-4 Bedroom House Moving Pack


Packaging Tape - Brown 48mm x 66m

from £0.98

Single Wall Box 93 x 82 x 84mm

from £0.26

Single Wall Box 125 x 112 x 144mm

from £0.30

Single Wall Box 131 x 69 x 120mm

from £0.30

Single Wall Box 155 x 105 x 105mm

from £0.26

Single Wall Box 180 x 120 x 180mm

from £0.36

Single Wall Box 180 x 180 x 180mm

from £0.38

Die Cut, Single Wall Box 189 x 138 x 87mm

from £0.37

Die Cut, Single Wall Box 218 x 170 x 67mm

from £0.36