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Large Boxes

We have a wide range of large boxes for all purposes, from moving house to long-term storage. Uniquely, we also offer once used boxes that we have bought from businesses.  These once used boxes have met our quality standards, and are 100% suitable to your use.
The reason we sell these once used boxes is to help save the environment, but also to give you an unbeatable price.

2-3 Bedroom Moving Pack


3-4 Bedroom Moving Pack



from £0.65


from £0.88


from £0.60


from £2.50


from £1.20

490x295x305mm Double Wall Box

from £0.96


from £1.80

510x410x230/150mm Multi Height Single Wall Box

from £0.77

520x455x345mm Double Wall Box

from £2.44

525x340x260mm Double Wall Box

from £1.62

584x381x305mm Double Wall

from £1.86

625x140x130mm Die Cut, White, Double Wall Box

from £0.49

Double Wall box 280 x 280 x 1000mm

from £2.02

Strong Double Wall Box 386 x 386 x 305mm

from £1.06